6.15.21 - Today, Gov. Cuomo lifted nearly all business restrictions for covid-19 due to NYS reaching 70% for adults receiving at least one dose of an FDA approved covid-19 vaccine. Given New York’s progress and the diminished risk of COVID-19 within the community, the State lifted most COVID-19 restrictions, except the mask requirement

The NYSSMMT leadership’s thoughts and prayers are with Asian-American community as we monitor the investigation of the senseless shootings of Asian-American women, during Women’s History month, at a Georgia establishment.

NYSSMMT continues to lead the entire massage therapy profession throughout North America to have "massage parlor" removed from NAICS. NYSSMMT continues its effort be in contact with the White House's Office of Management and Budget. This is the office where the US Census is initiated for the counting of people and businesses.

A fourth federal aid package was passed in Congress and signed by the President. NYSSMMT will provide updates to this page as soon as we can review the necessary details. Please check this page later in the week for an update.