NYSSMMT Statement on Georgia Shootings of AAPI

3.17.21 - Statement of Georgia Shootings of AAPI

The NYSSMMT leadership’s thoughts and prayers are with Asian-American community as we monitor the investigation of the senseless shootings of Asian-American women, during Women’s History month, at a Georgia establishment.

NYSSMMT respects that a full investigation must occur for all facts to provide a complete understanding of the incident. Currently, it is being reported by the media that the establishments that the Asian-American victims were working at, during the time of the shootings, are being called "spas" or "massage parlors".   It is also being reported that the investigations are now learning that this is not a racially-motivated incident, but an attempt by the suspected shooter to self-remedy against “sexual addictions”. Again, NYSSMMT is waiting for the complete investigation to understand the entire facts to determine if and what actions are needed to be taken to ensure the well-being of practitioners and patients/consumers.

Once again, the complexion of massage therapy and spa as health and wellness industries is being blemished through misclassifications stemming from a host of reasons that we all know. Currently, NYSSMMT is already advocating against the classification of "massage parlor" in NAICS, North American Classification Industry System. This system is how the White House, along with Canada and Mexico assess the North American economy. Yesterday's sad incident is another reminder how important it is for the massage therapy and spa professions need to own their respective identities and positions in the health and wellness industries. To learn more how you can participate in this effort to eliminate "massage parlor" from the NAICS system, visit https://nyssmmt.org/NAICS-statement and join NYSSMMT to be a part of the solution.

In the meantime, NYSSMMT will follow up with the membership and the greater New York state massage therapy community as the unfoldment of facts in the investigation warrants action.

Thank you.

NYSSMMT Board of Directors